Peterhouse Weekends Gallery

Some lovely memories of students, colleagues and the Porters at our study weekends at Peterhouse, Cambridge which ran for 8 years. I co-organised them with the legendary Erica Cox, and we were  joined by Dr. Helen Kaye, Dr. Hayley Ness and Dr. Graham Edgar. Thank you for your brilliant teaching, and thanks everyone for your lovely photographs and letters of feedback!

I want to say a huge thank you very much for all you have contributed to my OU path over the years. I achieved a distinction for my exam and module, which I am of course delighted about! The preview weekend and revision weekend have been very much a part of my success I feel. I did a revision course for DSE212, ED209, DD303 and DD307, so the weekends in Cambridge have been a big part of my studying with the OU. It was great to meet other people on the same path, and have the opportunity to immerse myself in the materials for a whole weekend in such a wonderful place. I think back with very fond memories to my weekends in a student's room in the college! Your sessions were especially engaging and fresh and I enjoyed them immensely..... Best wishes, Anna “

Just wanted to say thank you again for the revision weekend and to let you know I got a distinction (just, I got 84% on the exam), with the highest mark being for the question on your chapter!!! Which gave me a first-class honours psychology degree overall!! I’m over the moon that my final module has ended like this and I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us at Cambridge. Julie xx

Got my results last week and got 75%in the exam. I was very pleased with my exam score as I struggled with the course work and it was not until I came to your revision weekend that the course made sense. I am grateful to you for your help, without the revision weekend I don't think I would have passed the course. All the best. Fiona xxx

You will be pleased to hear I got a distinction in my exam - 86% - and a pass 2 overall, which I am delighted about. I really enjoyed your tutorials and listening to how passionate you are in your teaching of the subject. I am also so pleased to have gone to your revision weekend which helped me understand more and get my head around a better strategy in writing essays for the exam, which I had never fully understood before in other modules but knew people adopted techniques. So I was delighted that you were able to spell this out and I took this on fully. It helped me establish a better revision technique also.

And for the first time ever I did enjoy the exam! When I looked at the exam questions I felt so prepared I relaxed completely and enjoyed being able to go into detail about the topics. Ialso used your visualisation techniques that you described on the revision weekend, and also used a hypnosis cd daily to reinforce positive images of revising and sitting the exam. All combined, this helped enormously. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Susie x

My mark was 87, which, together with my ocas of 91 gave me a distinction. There is no doubt in my mind that I owe you these results, both through your revision booklet and the two Cambridge weekends. You must receive many similar, immensely grateful, messages from students you have helped and I can only add my voice to the stream. l! It's not only the way you have to synthesize complex topics and make them accessible, although this obviously plays a great part, it's the way you communicate, your warmth and dedication, your belief that we can do it, that make such a difference.

During the overview weekend you said that this module was going to change our lives forever. You knew, and I, now, also know it. It has changed not only the way I address theoretical problems or how I read papers, it has given me a different outlook onto life. This would not have happened, I am convinced, just from reading the course books; it is also a result of your enthusiasm and encouragements. So thank you very, very much for all that you are doing and may you continue to do so for future students.
Warmest regards Florence

Just wanted to let you know that I achieved 87 for my exam - which is the highest grade I've ever achieved in an academic exam - and 2 grades higher than my previous level 2 exam. This means I achieved a distinction - which is a satisfying end to my OU studies. Consequently, just wanted to say thank you for your support and help during the module - I'm sure, given my critical perspective, if I'd had another tutor I would have found it much harder to do the module. certainly you've helped me to learn how to communicate my ideas more objectively and in a way that they are harder to 'shoot down' of be dismissed by critics/opponents. Best Wishes, Denise

I would also like to thank you for helping me this year. I purchased your revision pack in January and it is amazing. I just found out that I passed my exam with very good marks. With your help I achieved a pass grade 2. I am extremely pleased with this as I did not finish the exam. I was only half way through the last essay which I is something I need to improve on in future exams. However I have become more confident in psychology with the help of Erika's and your revision packs.
I now understand that everything is not set in stone and knowledge can not be taken for granted as well as the fact that knowledge is open to multiple interpretations. I have the confidence to put arguments forward and question points and arguments and look at life from many different angles which I couldn't really do before. Many many thanks for your support. Kind regards, Sadia

Just a quick note to say, got my results yesterday and I got a distinction, which really was all down to you, thank you so so much. I now have my degree and I'm so grateful. Do hope all is well in your world. Thank you for being such a wonderful tutor. Wishing you all the very best. Sarah

Just a short note to let you know that I passed my exam and module with a Distinction, giving me a BSc( Hons) Psychology, First-class Honours. I don't think I'd have achieved it without the few tutorials of yours and your revision weekend. Many thanks for your support and help, and I hope to bump in to you at some point in the future. Regards, Mark

Just wanted to let you know that I accepted my first class honours psychology degree today. I attended your revision weekends every course... I have no doubt that attending the revision weekends help me to achieve my goal. Thanks so much to you both. Regards, Beth

OMG! OMG! I am very excited. I got a distinction for my last exam. I just saw it now and I am so excited.On top of that I just realised that the website says my overall module result is a distinction in which case I think I might have 1st class hons. Thank you very much for all, you have made this last module really enjoyable as it did seem very different to what we did in other modules at first. Nevertheless I really loved it. I am still jumping up and down. All the best to you too and big thank you again for giving us all the knowledge, tips and advice. Wish you all the very best :) Petra xxx

In spite of the subject being fluffy stuff as Erika said I was very dubious also but I’m glad to say your guide was brilliant. I found the exam for the first time ever very straight forward thanks to you. Take care, Fred

I just wanted to thank you fora wonderful September revision weekend. You fed our bodies with delicious vegetarian food and you fed my soul on so many levels... You offered very good top down overview of the module and gave us great tips for the exam but there was more. You opened my eyes to the future and gave me confidence to believe in opportunities. Your talk about meditation and searching our life purpose had a very profound effect on me. I just want to thank you for it and let you know that you are doing an exceptional job. Kind regards, Kate

I sat my exam just over two weeks ago and I wanted to send a huge Thank you for the outstanding revision pack. I only wish I would've received one earlier as it would've made writing TMA's much easier, especially the last one! I had very limited time to study for the exam but your revision pack consolidated the course and clearly defined the perspectives and the interrogative themes. I had struggled with clearly being able to elucidate the Situated knowledge and Power relations themes, but you explained it in context and highlighted so many examples that I actually confidently chose the Situated Knowledge question in the exam.Thank you for the dedicated hours of effort you must've put it into writing and assembling, it was a huge help, and I hope my final score will reflect this :) Regards, Hadassa

First and foremost, I want to thank you for the wonder-ful ;o) and extremely valuable revision weekend you implemented in Cambridge (30 Aug - 02 Sept 2013). Along with your extraordinarily structured and focussed revision pack, your tutorials were more than helpful and, as for my part, brought along new, valuable insights into reasonable exam revision and especially essay structuring!!
Your top exam tips actually are terriffic - really TOP! My pre-prepared introduction paragraph literally opened each exam essay for me yesterday and although my week-long daily visualisations of a "happy and joyful, easygoing exam" did not seem to work out at first, it all came into a good flow after about 10 minutes;o))
I possibly came short of referencing you (hopefully you do not sue me for this;o), as I had spoken part of your revision materials onto my iphone recording app and listened to these recordings whenever I did not actively revise materials or exam writing during the weeks before the exam. Thus, the themes (and supposedly part of your wordings) nicely solidified and enhanced the memory connections in my brain (might be an additional top tip as this supplements the learning process - especially when you are listening while being out for a walk).
Anyway, I've already warmly recommended both, your materials and exam revision weekends to students here in Germany. Most were surprised to hear that I travelled to England for revision - but it was more than worth it!!
  ..not forgetting to mention the wonderful care and support by all your colleagues in Cambridge and the extremely delicious, carefully selected food served at lunch times!! Thanks a million and all the very best for you!! Ursula

....the exam guidance you gave was really excellent - exams have usually my weak point on the course, but you have provided a way of 'seeing the wood for the trees' and the insider tips on exam preparation you gave were exceptionally helpful. The pack you have produced is excellent. Finally, I just wanted to say thanks for being so open and honest about your experiences and yourself. It was immensely affirming for me to see that caring people with honest beliefs and noble intentions can be successful in academic psychology. I often find lecturers and other students incredibly aloof and intimidating, but your control of 'narcissistic sililoquy' in the group and your reassuring, accessible lecturing style helped me to feel I too had a right to be in the class and even a good chance of improving my exam grade! Thank you so much. Very best wishes.....A.S.”

“Just to let you know that I found the weekend very helpful. I found the structure/format of the classes very beneficial and the revision booklet is a brilliant resource to structure my revision. Your knowledge of the course was obvious and your presentation of the material was in my opinion excellent. It is wonderful to feel ourselves literally making our way through the course and seeing the broader picture as well as the details and for me it was like everything suddenly came together. Adhering to the timetable was quite a skill and it is satisfying to see that happen.. So, thank you very much on all counts and very well done, D.T.”

“Cambridge was wonderful and it was such a bonus to do the revision course in such a prestigious establishment and the whole experience certainly added to the weekend. Also I think the weekend was superbly organised - from the information pack and e-mails to the weekend itself. Checking into rooms, registration and receipt of revision packs were well organised and the welcome drink/nibbles etc was a good way to start off and meet people. Your effort to take time to approach and speak to everyone was a lovely touch and much appreciated. All in all a very worthwhile and enjoyable weekend. It was nice to meet you and thank you again. Kind regards..” T.R.

“Firstly thank you both so much for squeezing me in - I can see why you wanted to keep the weekend numbers to a minimum and I agree that this is undoubtedly the best way to run such an event. I feel very privileged to have been able to attend. It was also a really wonderful opportunity for students like me, who had never dreamed of being able to study at Cambridge University, the chance to get an insight into what that might have been like. I really appreciate such an opportunity, which encouraged me to reflect on the role of the external environment and history in producing academic thought!
The rooms were very comfortable and the food was wonderful, far better than any other OU event I have been on. The staff were so friendly, it felt like a 5 star hotel! It was also nice to have the opportunity to explore Cambridge eateries/pubs in the evenings.
As for the academic content of the weekend, I honestly can't emphasise enough how much better I understand the aims of the course as a result. Your use of visual images and interactive groupwork was excellent and I really felt you had attempted to accommodate all modes of learning. Your use of personal anecdote and experience was very relevant and helped me grasp the nature of the debate between mainstream and critical psychology and my own opinions on the debate. Moreover, you emphasised the relevance of the course in the wider world....” P.J.F.

“Just to say one big THANK YOU for all your hard efforts in organizing what was truly a successful and stimulating weekend. I thought the location and environment were great. I loved your approach of getting us to act as “academics” rather than students, to debate and question rather than learn unquestionable facts. I think that’s how learning should be. No disco!! So much better without. The main disappointment I have is that you did not do this earlier! C.B.”

“I wanted to thank you both so much for all the effort you put into the weekend. It was invaluable and also a lovely opportunity to meet others in a beautiful setting. I have thought about comments for improvement as you asked but I would have to search hard to be really picky and nothing is coming to me other than I think you should put your prices up! I feel you both put your hearts into it and supported everyone fully and I don’t think anyone can ask anymore so thank you. Lots of love to you both and thank you again.. K.E.”

Your enlightening lectures with personal illustrations of the subject matter, the excellent revision pack and ideas for mind maps and other strategies have more than fulfilled my expectations. I feel I have gained some very valuable tools to tackle my revision this year. I am almost looking forward to the exam.
I felt privileged to be able to attend lectures in awe inspiring surroundings and to talk psychology with like minded people afterwards. I am afraid I have no constructive criticism.
Thank you again. With kind regards.. D.J. “

“Having gone through your revision notes in greater detail than I did in Cambridge, I just wanted to mention to you that your revision pack is absolutely excellent. Am telling everybody and anybody about it, and about fact that Cambridge weekend was very very worthwhile - great tutoring. I hope that I will feel like penning a similar email to you during Christmas week!!Thanks for all your really hard work- R.B. “

“I simply want to thank you for the wonderful weekend at Cambridge. The venue was superb and a real privilege to have an opportunity to spend time at Peterhouse College. Your organisation was faultless and the delivery of the course material both verbally and textually has been a tremendous help. I honestly do not know how I would have begun my revision with such wonderful support and input from you. I think the whole experience is going to be a highlight in my studies with the OU and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts and contribution. I am finding your revision pack a God send! Thank you for the many hours that you injected into it. Best wishes and thanks again for the wonderful study weekend, most useful, informative, enjoyable, helpful and superbly presented. Thank you for your time and effort and as I near my exam - two days time!!! I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic revision pack! Hope all is well with you. Best wishes, A.W. “

“Just a quick note to say thanks most sincerely for the study pack you produced and for the excellent weekend course you organised in Cambridge. I found the course really helped me 'see the point' of the course, something which was echoed in the grade I got for my final TMA. The study pack you produced was fun, extremely relevant and helped to map out all of the stages in the study process (which I would not have had time to cover otherwise, but which were essential to an overall understanding of the subject), as well as helping me see where the various authors were going with their arguments - 'scaffolding' if you like! I found the images you used very memorable and the sample exam questions both thought-provoking and extremely relevant. You obviously put a huge amount of time and effort into producing it.

“I thought I'd drop you another line because you really, really are responsible for my Distinction. I'd have managed a First (in Psychology) even with a Pass 2 in Social but it was much much nicer ending my four year degree with another (but very unexpected) Distinction! Anytime anyone remotely connected with the OU says "well done" I always say that it was thanks to your revision weekend tutoring”. F.S.